Your advantages

Your advantages

You are living outside of France and would like to travel through the south of France with a camper. If you rent one outside of France you will have to travel more than 1000 km before you are even in the area you would like to visit. This will take you at least 3 days, because you are avoiding the highways (very expensive in France with a camper!) and you don’t want to drive more than 350 km per day. The same goes for the journey back home!
You can avoid all this by renting our camper. You come to us with your own car in one day. After arrival and a nice refreshing beverage we show you the camper and explain how everything works. We have separate bathroom facilities you can use during your first night in the camper. The next day, you can use your car to get your breakfast and do some last minute grocery shopping and then you take the camper to start your vacation! You can leave your car with us, so no worries there. When you return, we offer the same service. You take the camper back and take out all your personal belongings. There are enough nice little restaurants (we have enough tips, so do not hesistate to ask!) where you can enjoy a nice last French meal before your return home the next morning.

Your advantage

At least 2000 km you will not have to pay and 4 extra days in your holiday!

You also have the possibility to fly, we will come and get you at Bergerac Airport.

We are also ASCI Camping Card (which offers a lot of nice deals during the low seasons) France Passion members.

France Passion is an organisation working with a lot of small and local businesses, like cheesefarms, winefamers, mushroomfarms… These businesses also have 1 parkingplace for campers who want to spend the night. These overnight stays are mostly free of charge, with the businesses hoping you will buy some of their local products. This way, you will get to visit the most beautiful places of the south of France!